GoodTimes Entertainment takes the entertainment experience to another level by providing lighting services. Uplighting can transform the look of any event space and create a feeling of beauty for the event.
In its most basic form, lighting can provide splashes of color to blank walls. But with our wide selection of lighting equipment, the lights you choose can be used to add a personal touch to your celebration.

As entertainment specialists, we have seen first-hand the impact effective lighting can have on guests. We believe using the right combination of colors, intensities, and contrasts can influence the mood your loved ones will be in for the duration of the event. And it’s not just about picking a color you like: together, we will find lighting to compliment the music selection that will best showcase your style.

We are able to add even more personalized touches to your event with our light selection. They include: projecting a monogram showcasing initials of the celebrant(s); using light patterns to project designs against the walls, ceilings or dance floor; or pin spots to highlight specific items (including a cake and/or centerpieces).

Additional special features include creating a smoky effect to make celebrants look like they are dancing in the middle of a fluffy cloud. The possibilities are endless!

Our team of specialists will work with you to find the best and most appropriate way to set the tone you want your guests to experience. In the end, having effective lighting combined with our musical selection will take your guests on an emotional journey.

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