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Welcome to GTE Event Group, home to some of the most dynamic corporate DJs and MCs in the Central Valley. In the past 15 years of working with companies across several industries, we have a great understanding of what it takes to bring company culture together and celebrate the year in one memorable evening.


I have a busy schedule; do you help plan the event?

Absolutely! Over the years, we have witnessed thousands of events. And because of this, we've developed a blueprint on how to turn any event into a successful one. So, whether you need help selecting an event date, finding a venue to accommodate your staff, or creating a fun and exciting environment. GTE Event Group is ready to assist you as you move forward.

My friend is a DJ, what's the difference between you and them?

Great question! Much like doctors, there are many different subcategories and "specialists" in the industry. So yes, while your friend is a "DJ" and can mix music well in the comfort of their own home or for a specific audience, say "Hip-Hop," they may fall short in other categories. There are many DJs who are amazing at mixing, but do not possess the ability to rock the microphone, which is the direct link between the crowd and the DJ.
Here at GTE Event Group, we excel not only in DJ skill, music knowledge for broader demographics, but Microphone skills for announcements and highlighting specific moments that take events from ordinary to extraordinary.

I have never planned one of these events before, and I wasn't here for last year's corporate party, where do I begin?

We hear this a lot and could sense the stress every time we speak on the phone for the first time. It does take a lot to curate and plan an event that all of your colleagues will talk about for the following year, and you'll want to be the one they speak about with good graces come Monday in the office. So, where to begin? Begin with getting a pulse on your company. Talk with those in the office to find out what made last year's event a success or a flop. Then, you craft your vision (or let GTE craft the vision for you) - once this vision is ready, however detailed or broad it might be, you begin calling vendors and relaying that exact vision. From here, you'll get a pretty good idea as to which vendors will be able to assist in bringing this vision to life and which ones won't.

I have a STRICT budget that we cannot go over.

No worries, we all have budgets and highly encourage them. We recommend discovering what is most important to the event you’re looking to create and what is not. If it's not essential, simply DIY it, reduce the package to save money and/or re-allocate funds to something more substantial. GTE Event Group has developed many entertainment and photo-booth packages, so we're sure that we have something that will work for your budget.

Is music REALLY that important for this event?

Depends on your company culture - if you value the evening and want people to enjoy themselves and dance the night away. It also depends on if you're going to want to build energy and excitement during those raffle prize drawings. It may also depend on if you're going to want to sing along to some of your favorite tunes as you enjoy that hard-earned company party. It depends on if you want your employees to feel appreciated and that this night is really for them celebrating the hard work they have put in all year.
Music is not for every event, but we believe every event could be enhanced through the power of music and strategic application, which is precisely where GTE Event Group comes in. Contact us Today!

Where can we find examples of your work?

Instagram - we have examples of our work, accolades, and videos of our performers doing what they do best, rock the crowd!
YouTube - Isaac Atkinson himself has gone to great lengths to publishing podcasts, tutorials, and insider pro-tips videos that reveal what you need to know to move forward through planning with confidence.
Facebook - Is where we keep our audience updated and informed as we move through the year with public events, traveling re-cap videos, and the occasional "Blooper" reel.